CGCC Vision Trip – April 2013

Last month we were extremely blessed to have a team of 12 people from our church, Common Ground Christian Church, come visit and serve with us at Restoration Gateway in Uganda. The team hit the ground running and made a huge impact. Such an amazing week and miss you all dearly. Thank you again for your time, sacrifice and service. Some pictures from the trip below.

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Hurry Happenings – Full Steam Ahead

Wow, what an amazing circle of family, friends, supporters and ever faithful prayer warriors we have surrounding us! The Lord is blessing us tremendously through all of you, so thank you for your faithfulness. We have been on the ground here in Uganda almost three months and as we share our first big update this side of the pond, we want to say “Thank You” again for all the ways you support and love our family. Without you, it would not be possible for us to be here serving our Acholi brothers and sisters and joining Jesus in the redemptive work He is doing in Northern Uganda. As promised, we have a wealth of images, stories and updates to share, click the link below to view our latest newsletter:

Mot ki Yomcwing Botwo Me Mwaka Manyen!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our Acholi speaking Hurry Home… to yours.

As we thankfully reflect on our first two months here transitioning into Ugandan life, we wanted to take a moment to say we love and miss you all dearly! We are doing well and God is providing for our every need as we daily trust and rely on Him. We thank God that each of you are in our lives. May we all join Him in His restoration of this world and grow to know and love Him even more in 2013.

In His Amazing Love,
Steve, Bridget, Ethan and Evelyn

Our First Two Weeks

We have been in Uganda just under two weeks and it has already been an adventure! Currently, we are in a hotel room in Kampala waiting for the car we borrowed to get fixed. On our way down, the car overheated and it’s turned into a four day repair, so our three day trip to the capital city has turned into seven, :) Pray the car is finished by Sunday! We’re excited to get back up to RG and continue getting settled.

While we have access to fast internet, we wanted to share some images from our first two weeks, from our flight to Uganda, getting settled at RG and our safari and boat ride down the Nile River at Murchison Falls National Park. Enjoy!

Arrived in Uganda Safely

We have arrived safely at Restoration Gateway (RG) in Northern Uganda! We left this past Saturday and with the help of some dear friends and family that traveled out with us to help get us settled, we all made it in one piece with all of our luggage and trunks, except for one which just showed up as a lid, :(

When we arrived at RG, we were greeted by an amazing and welcoming entourage. We are starting to get settled and are doing great. The kids are loving Uganda and already are making new friends.

We intend to intentionally “isolate” ourselves through most of November and December to embrace our new community, culture and language but pics and stories galore will come in January! Please keep in touch but if our responses are delayed by two months, know it is for good transition reasons and we love you! Please pray for our continued transition, our language learning, and for His peace & provision to continue.

Let the Language Learning Begin

We have arrived at MTI and we are full steam ahead in our language learning. We have had two full days of class and we are already immersed in phonetic drills and language learning activities. The facility and program are amazing and this will help us greatly as we hit the ground running learning the Luo language in Uganda. There are 41 adults and 16 kids here at the PILAT program and we are meeting some amazing people that are going to be serving all over the globe (China, Japan, Nepal, Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Peru, Angola, Kenya, India, Myanmar, Uganda, Haiti, Jordan, Philippines, Zambia, Cambodia, Thailand, Tanzania, and Kyrgyzstan.)

The accommodations are great! We have two adjoining rooms so we have some space to spread out which is nice. Ethan and Evelyn are loving their classes and they are getting into the swing of our new daily rhythm. Their favorite activity is playing outside with their new friends at the playground that is onsite. Ethan loves climbing “the big rock” and Evelyn was the head monster today and all the kids were chasing her around the playground. We are getting acclimated to the altitude (which we’re just outside of Colorado Springs, with an elevation over 7,000 feet) and the location is beautiful. We’re just off the Santa Fe trail and we have already been enjoying the outdoors as a family. There is a train that goes by multiple times each day, so the kids love seeing that. Here is a little video I came across about MTI and you can get a little glimpse about what we’re doing.

And We’re Off

This past Sunday we had our official commissioning from our church and it was an amazing time of prayer and worship with our community. We already miss you all dearly! Monday, we finally got our house packed up and we pulled out of Indy. We are unemployed, homeless and loving every minute of shamelessly following hard after Him.

After finishing our visit with Bridget’s parents in St. Louis today, it’s back on the road to Wichita, Kansas to see my Grandma. We will spend a few days there and will arrive in Colorado Springs Monday, where we will start our last stretch of training at Mission Training International (MTI) before moving to Uganda in November. We will be attending two programs (PILAT and SPLICE) to complete some cross cultural and language acquisition training. We invite your prayers for rest and a rich time of learning. We love and miss you all and we appreciate any and all messages from the dear family and loved ones that we miss.