CGCC Vision Trip – April 2013

Last month we were extremely blessed to have a team of 12 people from our church, Common Ground Christian Church, come visit and serve with us at Restoration Gateway in Uganda. The team hit the ground running and made a huge impact. Such an amazing week and miss you all dearly. Thank you again for your time, sacrifice and service. Some pictures from the trip below.

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Fruit of Being Loved

(Written by Lynn Marsh – Uganda Vision Trip, May 2012)

Morning began with a 2-pan gas burner cooked breakfast that gave Café Patachou a run for its money. Team members awoke early for their turn to create a hearty meal from Restoration Gateway (RG) fresh eggs and chipotis as well as potatoes, tomatoes, and avocados purchased from a road stand on our drive up to RG. The rotating clean-up crew followed in service as we were supplied enough for one meal. In most places in Uganda, the water is dangerous to drink, use to brush teeth, and clean dishes as it carries diseases. RG has a well that was tested and certified to drink from the tap which is one of the many signs of restoration and renewal on the grounds.

After a night of the Ugandan rain falling like a monsoon on the tin roof of our house, the red dirt path was muddy as we trekked to the main sanctuary where we joined the house mothers, farmers, craftsmen, and other RG workers for daily musical worship, prayer, and a message.

Our fearless leader, Bridget was asked to give the message impromptu with an interpreter repeating her sentences in Luo, the native language of the Acholi people. Although English is the official language of Uganda, the people have their own dialect of English that requires at attentive ear for visiting Americans to understand and vice versa.

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HIV Testing in the Village

(Written by Lynn Deardorff – Uganda Vision Trip, May 2012)

When signing up for the Uganda trip one of the things that excited and terrified me the most was the idea of doing medical missions in a village. I have always loved the idea of helping those in need in any way I can. The part that scared me was what the team would expect me to do. I may be a licensed pharmacist but I have not worked in a pharmacy in over 4 years. That is a really long time. The only medicines I know a ton about are diabetes products that are not on the market yet! Oh man.

Fears aside, medical clinics in a village are amazing. The first day felt like a rehearsal compared to day 2. As we crested the hill I spotted 20-30 people just waiting outside this mud hut church. There was no telling how long they had been waiting for us but their need was evident. Time to get to work!

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Bridget Leading Trip to Uganda this Week

This week, Bridget is leading a team of 15 people on a Vision Trip to Restoration Gateway (RG). The team is comprised of: nurses, pharmacists, a doctor, mechanic, mechanical engineer, speech pathologist,and more. The team has a great variety of skills that will be represented and utilized on the ground. The team will spend time with the 70+ orphans that live at RG, engage in ministry opportunities with the RG staff, participate in a mobile medical outreach in the villages surrounding RG, and do some maintenance on the various vehicles and equipment on the RG campus. Please pray for their time in Uganda.

CG Training School Underway

The Training School that we are attending through our church, Common Ground, is now underway! We just finished up our first week of class. This is the next step in our preparation for Uganda, and we’re very excited to journey with all the people in our class this year.

We just returned from a six-day trip to Toronto last week and had an amazing time getting to know everyone. While in Toronto we got to spend time with a church there called Sanctuary, and we had some opportunities to participate in their various ministries and attend their Sunday gathering. Outside of our time with Sanctuary, we spent a lot of time walking through the city and had some eye-opening experiences: hanging out in Kensington,  going to St. Lawrence Market and experiencing the annual Buskerfest, walking through and spending time at Dundas Square, attending the church service at Holy Trinity and seeing the Homeless Memorial,… to name a few. We’re looking forward to experiencing all that God is going to do in and amongst us all this year. Be sure to check out photos from our trip below: