Bridget on Radio Unity Lira – Sep 15 – 2015

BridgetUnityRadioSince beginning our new roles as Co-directors at Otino Waa Children’s Village in Lira, Bridget has the privilege to be the host and share God’s word on a weekly 45-minute program at a leading radio station in Lira, Radio Unity, with an audience of more than 1 million listeners! We will be posting her radio programs regularly here on the Hurry Home when possible so we invite you to check them out. She goes on at 5:45am on Tuesdays here in Lira, so we’ll try and get them posted within a few days of each broadcast.

*Or download the mp3 audio file directly here

Bridget’s Birthday Week

It was my beautiful wife’s birthday this week and as our family tradition goes, we celebrate “birthday week”. With birthday week coming to a close, we wanted to share the highlight of the week which was a surprise birthday party we threw for Bridget at our place which included many dear friends and family, GT South’s BBQ, a 20 foot bright orange sky dancer and much more. Check out photos from the evening below (and don’t miss the balloon drop video below, which was the pinnacle of the night!) Happy Birthday honey!

Balloon Drop

A “surprise” balloon drop for Bridget at her birthday party this week. We tried to set it up so she would come in the back door and walk through the kitchen to be met by a waterfall of balloons, but she came around the front and saw the set up. She sensed we were up to something and sniffed us out, :)