Quills from a Three Legged Porcupine We Ate

porcupinequillsThese are quills from a three legged porcupine we ate this week. The RG security guards had been trying to catch this porcupine for a while that had been roaming through the cassava gardens.The porcupine lost one of his legs after escaping a trap the first time, but they finally caught him. They gave some meat to Tim and Janice McCall and they unveiled the “mystery meat” at a dinner gathering. They served it in porcupine stew.

CGCC Vision Trip – April 2013

Last month we were extremely blessed to have a team of 12 people from our church, Common Ground Christian Church, come visit and serve with us at Restoration Gateway in Uganda. The team hit the ground running and made a huge impact. Such an amazing week and miss you all dearly. Thank you again for your time, sacrifice and service. Some pictures from the trip below.

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Hurry Happenings – Full Steam Ahead

Wow, what an amazing circle of family, friends, supporters and ever faithful prayer warriors we have surrounding us! The Lord is blessing us tremendously through all of you, so thank you for your faithfulness. We have been on the ground here in Uganda almost three months and as we share our first big update this side of the pond, we want to say “Thank You” again for all the ways you support and love our family. Without you, it would not be possible for us to be here serving our Acholi brothers and sisters and joining Jesus in the redemptive work He is doing in Northern Uganda. As promised, we have a wealth of images, stories and updates to share, click the link below to view our latest newsletter: